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Calrivar Cluster is an accessibility first Real time Strategy game the core idea is instead of controlling units with mouse and key board it is all done with the number pad surrounding keys and arrow keys. The system is designed around the 9 number keys which provide 81 quadrents these preassigned quadrents cover the entire map, as the player in campaign you always spawn in the bottom left. So to select units at your base you would first press 1 the hold down a rebindable key then press 1 again taking you to quadrent 1.1, the enemy base is is in 9.9 alongside level specific resource nodes and impassale terrain throughout the map.

From a "main" camera so 3 without holding the rebindable key shows you a view of 3.1 to 3.9 you can press the scane button to immedietly recive the total amount of friendly and enemy units within the 3 section. For specific units you can enter the specific quadrant example 3.4 and press space change from the make menu by pressing up or down on arrow keys(assuming you were previously producing units) then press space and recive the composition of the army or armys within 3.4 by unit type. Light, Medium, Heavy, Motor, Tank, Hero. Specifics about factions can be found by following the header link to factions.

Finally all maps have textures that gradually get darker as you move up the camera system to help with placing yourself so main 1 is the lightest tile set main 9 the darkest this is in hopes of being more accesible for color blind users. Example pictured bellow of full camera syste NOTE: in game you would only ever see one main camera at a time which is 9 total quadrants, hence why the UI has not adjusted this view isnt in the game its purely for explanation purposes.

Image depicting the 9x9 81 quadrent Camer system